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Our Story

A Digital Solutions Agency. The idea of the company was sown in 2013 as the tech lab of market-i, a marketing research consultancy that provides consumer research services to clients across various industries and geographies.

How can we help your business?

We develop Digital Transformation Solutions that prepare your business to face industry challenges and opportunities.


UI/UX Design

Promote effective customer engagement through strategic design, enhancing operational flows through better user experience.


We empower brands and businesses to bring an effective digital presence through custom-developed websites.

Mobile Applications

Creating inspiring customer experiences through innovative Mobile Application technologies.

Media & Video Production

Digital Content Production capabilities optimizing brand marketing needs


We build customer-centric solutions and offerings that help your business scale and navigate through the ever-evolving industry needs and challenges.

Customer Experience Management (CEM) Platform

Our CEM MOBILE APP is a convenient way to collect customer feedback.

Our solution comes equipped with a (CCM) system which stores and manages customer complaints with the objective of working towards speedy resolution.

E-Commerce and Online Ordering Platform

Evolve how your customers navigate, purchase and interact with your products by providing an “Always-On, On-the-Go” e-commerce platform.

Survey Authoring Tool Platform

Create surveys online and collect customer feedback and insights that will help your business.

Data Visualization (Dashboard) Platform

Build dashboards online and discover customer insights through data visualization and analytics tool

Digital Brand Communities

Our brand community enables organizations understand their customers better and faster through their engagement from marketing research-centric activities and interactions.

Project Management Platform

Automate project processes and workflows, identify action points and keep cross functional team projects on track.

Our solutions have integrated with

Our technology & engineering team have built open software platforms in partnership with other digital ecosystems.

Innovation - Our Experience and Expertise lies in…

Single Sign On

Seamless User Sign In Authentication across interconnected platforms.

Rewards & Loyalty

UX and UI strategies that promote engagement.

Dashboard & Analytics

Dynamic dashboard function, which allows the development of customer dashboards.


Mechanism to promote

Biometrics Engine

Face ID, Touch ID implemented for a more seamless user authentication.

Survey Builder

Create survey questionnaires, deploy through web link or mobile app and upload collected results.

OCR Technology

Optical Character Recognition allows to scan printed text as identifiable data.

Augmented Reality

Object oriented interactive experiences to promote engagement.

Scheduler Engine

Complete end-to-end solution for developing, managing, and dashboarding projects.


Digital brand communities.

Chat Engine

Group Chat Sessions often used for brand community initiatives.

CRM System

Customer Relationship
Management Systems.

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