About us


To become a leading global supplier of online platforms that enable clients like you to create a continuous dialogues with your customers.

What We Do

We create platforms & apps that enable you to better engage & understand your customers. We believe in putting every customer in the driver’s seat. We bring alive a faceless customer through communities that encourage them to willingly contribute to brands. We strive to use innovative approaches to bring out their creativity & objective opinions.

Our Values
  • Empowerment

    Encouraging employees to take initiative and give their best. Inspiring employees to lead and make decisions.

  • Innovation

    Constant pursuit of creative ideas that have the potential of becoming game changers

  • Integrity

    Acting with honesty and honor without compromising the truth

Our Products

White Label Digital Platforms

Buzzparade provides white-label digital platforms such as customer satisfaction surveys, online communities, dashboards, mobile applications and project scheduling platforms to its clients. All our white label platforms come incorporated with flexible tools that allow our clients to integrate their branding and identity with easy to use ready-made templates and modules.

Reflect your brand experience in your mobile apps, communities, surveys and quizzes in just a few clicks and make them look custom made.

Increase trustworthiness by using your own domain and, as a result, get higher response rates.

Ask us more about White Label Digital Platforms right now to get the results you wanted.

Brand Communities

If you want answers to important business questions, the best people to ask are your customers. Our customer intelligence platform helps you engage the right customers at the right time in the right way to generate the collective wisdom you need to grow.

  •   Brand Communities facilitate ongoing conversations between companies and their customers.Buzzparade communities facilitate understanding the perspectives, needs and desires of brand users. Thus helping growth with intelligence directly from the consumers who fuel it.

  •    Brand communities provide a comprehensive understanding of your customers our communities are designed for insights that build over a period of time

  •    The long-term engagement model leads to insights that are not possible to discover through traditional consumer research. By involving the consumer in an ongoing, two-way conversation, consumer trust is earned, their preferences understood, thus helping in anticipating their needs.


Our dashboards are visual and interactive displays of the most critical information, laid out strategically within the confines of a screen. Designed intuitively the dashboards are great to look at and easy to navigate. The responsive nature allows you to view the dashboard on any screen. What’s more our platform gives you the ability to design and build your own dashboard.

Mobile Applications

We develop customized mobile apps to suit your needs. Our apps are designed to integrate with your legacy systems, demonstrate RIO, stun the user with the amazing experience. From enterprise apps to gaming apps, our apps are based on the latest technology. Our mobile solutions are tailored for clients who are not sure about their mobile strategy or how to utilize existing digital assets.

Project Scheduling Platform

Handling customer requests can be painful. Especially when there are too many and very few people to handle them. Organise and handle customer requests efficiently. The BuzzParade ticketing platform is extremely user friendly for the client as well as you. Customised with a built in calendar, the platform keeps you in command of the customer service. To learn more ask for a demo.


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